Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Literacy with an attitude literally

Nothing but connections....

My role model in the way i look at the world. Like it or leave it, but i strongly believe in what this beautiful wise man has to say about the world. When watching this, i would like you to sit back and really think. Think about what he says, what he means to have a "White Christmas". Who does this sound like when you watch this.

To me this sounds like Lisa Delpits "The Silenced Dialogue". Deplit argues that who are the people who not aware of being in the culture of power are and should be responsible to show the minority or working class how to be apart of the culture of power. In the video Tupac talks about how in order to get through this, we need to stop having people hit the lotto for 36 million dollars when someone cant even afford something on the dollar menu at McDonald's. That is the world we live in, give me, give me give me. Now Flinn argues which Delpit i would believe she would agree with is that in order for the people to become literate and understand the culture of power, the people of the culture of power which is mostly high status white individuals are really responsible for helping. In the video Tupac talks about in order for black people or any race that is not in the culture of power, why cant you help me out and give us some money instead again, hitting the lotto, or having 40 billion dollars, is there really a need for 7 house with 50 rooms each, when there are people that don't even have a pair of pants. When the minority can have a little money and able to stand on their two feet that would make it much easier to prove Delpits 4th point " if you are not already a participant in the culture of power, being told explicit the rules of the culture makes acquiring power easier". Its not going to solve world hunger but it is a really a good damn way to start off. Delpit and Tupac are really close because Delpit is aware of this "culture of power" and Pac goes to explain a "White Christmas" which is literal as he means its, because minority's understand what its like to have one, because they never had one, when people in the culture of power don't really understand what is not like to have gifts under the tree, not having a Christmas dinner, never the less not ever having dinner. I'm bad at explaining what Tupac beautiful states, but Delpit would be a great fan, and so would Flinn.

Flinn and Tupac make me also make me think about  Allan Johnson's power, privilege and difference. Because Tupac again like stated up above talks about the lotto millionaires with 10 cars 5 house, when people dont have any of those things. Now dont get me wrong alot of those people are black with 10 cars and 5 house, but would you blame them for doing so, because that is how they feel they should act because of the poverty they went through, and the world they live in taught them to live the life like that. Education in the upper class is a privilege plan and simple. Heres why, in the first pages of Flinns article he goes on to talk about people 300 years ago were afraid that the people who couldn't read would learn how to read and understand the bullshit life they were living, and then attack violently. Johnson goes to say that people are naturally afraid of what they don't know or understand. The people in the upper class took it as  lets take advantage of these different people (not using any particular race), they aren't like us, they must be stupid, and we can keep them stupid by stripping their rights away so they can work for us and have no reason why they are working for absolutely nothing. There is more deeper things to Johnson and Pac just Pac has a connection with a lot points that my brain can't even fathom. Flinn would be a supporter, but Flinn isn't pointing anyone out but saying how the upper class could help, whereas Johnson and Delpit are saying in order to help out the culture of power, needs to be explained and taught and privileges are the reasons to the downfall.

Im looking for alot feedback, Im not to sure about this blog but seriously check out Tupacs interviews you will be amazed with this so called "ignorant black gangster rapper" as some politicans like to call him, has to say about the sad world we live in. Pac does a much better job than this blog.

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  1. I have always admired and listened to Tupac. Now that I am older and have a bit more knowledge under my belt I am glad you brought him up again, I really want to go back and relisten to what I grew up listening to and see it a bit differently. I still am torn a bit though as to what the solution is... like we discussed in class I guess it is the difference between capitalism and communism.