Sunday, May 1, 2011

Social JUstice Event

Math, I am not a fan at all. Never really could understand it, sometimes  I feel like I am cracking the Da'Vinci code just to solve an equation. Last Tuesday April 26h, 2011 I had attended a lecture by Dr. Anne Collins, Director of Mathematics at Lesley University.  In this lecture she had discussed "Effective Teaching" for future math teachers, but the many points she had made that day, not only goes just for effective teaching in math, but for in all subjects and in all courses. One of the key contributes for effective teaching, Dr. Anne Smith suggested that in order for the child or person you are teaching you must use "appropriate vocabulary." Appropriate vocabulary in the sense of instead of cutting corners with words, but to pronounce the word or problem as it is. For an example 1.44, this says one and forty four hundreds, not one point forty four. Her advice suggests that having the students use proper language they will get a better grasps of understanding the problem. Also she said that the students will like the way they  can use "smart talk" or big words when the speak in solving the problem. This point reminds me of Lisa Delpits to teach the students the rules and codes of power. This piece of advices gives the students the ability to know how to use the correct vocabulary instead of using slang terminology, and not being able to use it properly.

Still on this subject of matter, using "appropriate vocabulary"  Patrick Finns Literacy with an attitude reminds me of this. Reasons why instead of using skin color, its about being in the class room to describe the example. In the classroom, when there are only a select few people in the class that understand